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She is a creative professional hails originally from Kolkata, West Bengal seeking to achieve her mark across India. A fine graduate in Mass communication with a major in Journalism and Advertising, she decided to step out of the trail to become pioneers in her profession. As a founder of Switch16Photography with her partner, she is a fine wedding photographer based in Pune, India specializing in contemporary wedding photography although she is creatively arty with fashion and street photography. Her interests in writing and traveling is also a pivotal part of who she is as a person. She draws her inspiration from people belonging to every walks of life. She is currently providing wedding services to clients across India and is open to travel abroad.


He is a contemporary photographer based in Pune, India. A computer Science major, he founded Switch16photography with his partner and took up photography and turned it to a full time profession. He emotes expressions through conceptual photographs. As much as he loves clicking at gorgeous Indian weddings, his interest also lies around landscape, fashion and street photography. He draws his inspiration from other professionals and likes to improvise on his exclusions which seems interesting to him. He is a fine wedding photographer servicing clients all across India and is open to travel abroad.